Love this trailer for Dean Potter's new film about his amazing pup, Whisper! I shared many miles out on the trails with my dog, Tonto, and people often questioned the safety and responsibility of running a dog sometimes 40+ miles in the mountains. Can a dog be happy and share the same level of passion for something we love to do?

This gives me anxiety about my dog.

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Run Rhonda Run! #bostonstrong #blindrunner

It fills me with hope and pride to know this woman and to think that I will be following her 20 day, 885km documentary adventure this August! Citytv Inside Story ran a beautiful story on what it takes to face “terror”.

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"Running loves you back in your darkest moments" 

This is something Rhonda-Marie Avery has an intimate understanding of as she has been with 8% vision since birth. The fact that she hasn’t let this stop her from experiencing things in life that most would find daunting is what’s fascinating. Its not just the fact that Rhonda-Marie goes out to run…and at times solo (at night is when her 8% comes into play best)…its “what” she choses to run. Rhonda-Marie is an ultra runner. She runs crazy long distances. It’s not enough for her to be challenged crossing the street or finding her brand of shampoo on a shelf at the drugstore. She runs 100 miles and then some.

"I wanted to find out if I could run a 100 miles. I wanted to feel what that would be like. What that would mean in terms of who I am, who I was capable of being."

I’ve known Rhonda for a short time but what I have come to know about her is she is serious about telling the world that disabled athletes can and want to do all the same things as everyone else. 

"Every chance you have to change the world you must seek to do so. If you do not, you lose the opportunity to meet all the possibilities of yourself. You resign the right to rewrite your future, and potentially the future of many. You really have no idea how far you can affect the universe."

And now comes the best part. I’m an independent documentary producer and after I found out what Rhonda-Marie had planned for this August I knew I had to share this incredible adventure. Rhonda-Marie plans to run The Bruce Trail…its the longest and oldest hiking trail in Canada. That’s 885km over 20 days. 

This is worth repeating…

885km, 20 days, 8% vision. 

Yes, Rhonda-Marie is doing this to prove something to herself but her greater goal, the one that will keep her going on day 3 or 4 when her body is aching for recovery is that she is doing this as major awareness campaign for all disabled athletes. 

"Boundaries are what you allow them to be. Boundaries are aspects of our given circumstances. They provide space for us to roam around in, like souls in a cosmic zoo. Until we find a fence and wonder what’s out there? In the distance I can’t see? Why is the door locked? Who assumed I belonged in here within these boundaries vs out there making some magical thing happen.Boundaries are not the grass is greener on the other side, but more the forest continues and so should I.”

Rhonda-Marie Avery wants to change wants us to see adversity from a different side, to challenge  boundaries, to change how we define “able”….to imagine ourselves without limits.

Follow the progress of 8% No Limit and support Rhonda-Marie Avery in her Go Fund Me campaign to make big change happen! 

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Superfriends Unite!

The beginning of a journey has its beginnings. This is a year long campaign for awareness for disability and sport…one part ultra running, one part obstacle racing all parts insanity!

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